Sports Massage Sutton Coldfield & Birmingham

45 minutes £35

Improve circulation, reduce muscle tension and soreness, and assist injury prevention and recovery with sports massage therapy at React Physiotherapy. Our state of the art clinic is conveniently located for sports people and individuals living in and around Birmingham.  

We offer weekday, evening & weekend sports massage therapy appointments seven days a week from our clinic in Sutton Coldfield. 

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Call Chris on 0121 227 0500 to find out more! Or complete the short enquiry form below and we'll come back to you.

Experts in sports injury rehabilitation
Our chartered physiotherapist Chris has over 10 years experience of working with elite sports people. As the former head of sports science and physiotherapy for Aston Villa Football Club's academy, Chris has the expertise to restore physical mobility and function and get individuals back to their chosen sport. 

“Chris from React guided me through an innovative rehabilitation programme for my anterior cruciate ligament injury with complete empathy for my frustration at being unable to play. The exercises he recommended challenged function and strength and enabled me to get back to training with confidence.”
Gary Gardner (Professional Footballer)

Sports Massage Prices - Buy 4, get 1 free!
Sports massage at React costs just £35 per session. What's more, if you book a block of 4 sports massages, you'll receive your 5th massage absolutely FREE!

Sports massage benefits
React Physiotherapy takes a holistic approach to sports massage therapy, using our vast knowledge and skill set to make recommendations to treat the underlying cause of injury or pain. What's more, regular sports massage therapy can assist in the prevention of injury re-occurrence and maximise athletic performance. If you have a sports event to prepare for, it's never too late to book in!

Sports massage can be integrated into an injury rehabilitation programme for athletes such as cyclists and runners with conditions including shin splints, lower back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, calf pain/Achilles tendonitis (tendinopathy) and muscle strain. 

Stress release & relaxation massage
Sports massage therapy is not just for sports people, it can relieve stress and tension from day-to-day life, as well as promoting relaxation and enhance well being.

A sports massage appointment at React Physiotherapy lasts approximately 45 minutes and if appropriate, will include an injury assessment and recommendations for effective injury rehabilitation.

Call Chris on 0121 227 0500 to find out how sports massage could help you. Or complete the enquiry form below.

Find out more about Chris's experience in sports massage and sports injury rehabilitation here.

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