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Preparing to run: top tips from a sports physiotherapist

Every runner has to start somewhere. Whether you’re a newcomer, are returning to running after injury, or are taking on a longer distance than you have previously run, take a few simple pieces of advice on board to get the most out of your running programme. Here, experienced sports physiotherapist…

The most common sports injuries & how a sports physio can help

Sports injuries are incredibly common. Whether it’s a muscle strain, plantar fasciitis or ongoing back problems, if you regularly participate in physical activity then the chances are you will experience a sports injury at some point. Minor strains can clear without expert intervention. A few days rest may be enough…

New year fitness – reducing injury risk

New Year’s Resolutions result in a wave of people wanting to get more active. After all the excess that December and Christmas bring, January is often the time people try to shed a few pounds, get back in shape or change their lifestyle for the better. Trying new sports and…

How a sports physiotherapist can enhance your running performance

The number of people who run in the UK has risen substantially within the last decade. While a large percentage run on a recreational basis, the need for a sports physiotherapist has grown considerably. Injuries can be picked up easily and are caused by a number of factors –…


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