How a sports physiotherapist can enhance your running performance

The number of people who run in the UK has risen substantially within the last decade.

While a large percentage run on a recreational basis, the need for a sports physiotherapist has grown considerably. Injuries can be picked up easily and are caused by a number of factors – trauma, ineffective running style, insufficient warm up and cool down to name but a few.

Consulting with a sports physiotherapist in Sutton Coldfield can help to greatly enhance your running performance whether you are a recreational or elite runner.

Get expert gait analysis

running gait assessment can help to improve your running technique and ultimately maximise your performance.

With our state of the art video technology and expert analysis, we can evaluate the way that you run and ensure that your posture and technique minimise the risk of injuries from occurring. For existing injuries, a running gait assessment can be invaluable to injury rehabilitation and as well as minimising injury recurrence.

Many people think that this is only for elite runners or professionals but the fact is that everyone can benefit from a running gait assessment. Book a running gait assessment at React Physiotherapy

Injury prevention

Picking up an injury is common among both recreational and professional runners, however regular injury occurrence can be avoided with the help of a sports physiotherapist.

A consultation with a sports physiotherapist will provide you with expert advice on how to avoid injuries as best you can. This could be advice on running style, the footwear you use or even just ensuring that you are carrying out a proper warm up and cool down.

With help from a sports physiotherapist you can ensure peak performance for longer by avoiding common niggles and injuries.

Orthotic advice and recommendations

Finally, the footwear you use is an important consideration. With inappropriate footwear, your running performance is likely to be compromised.

An assessment from a sports physiotherapist at React Physiotherapy will also reveal if you need additional orthotic support. This can aide you massively in not only providing comfort but in injury prevention.

Even if you don’t necessarily need extra support, we can recommend the right type of footwear for the activity you are undertaking.

How a sports physiotherapist can enhance your running performance

Running gait analysis and injury rehabilitation from a sports physiotherapist can significantly improve running economy and assist in the maintenance of an effective running programme.

If running injuries are holding you back from achieving your running goals, are uncomfortable running or you simply want to boost your existing level of performance then get in touch and we can help.

Running should be enjoyable and with proper care and an expert assessment at React Physiotherapy you can  enhance your running performance and reduce the chances of picking up an injury.

For more information on how React Physiotherapy’s running clinic can help enhance your running performance and reduce injury risk call 07595 564 477 or book online today.

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