Online Running Coach


Online running plans from an expert in injury rehabilitation

What makes our running plans different is that they are designed with evidence-based theory in mind. As an experienced physiotherapist, our running coach has the skills and understanding of human anatomy, training load and tissue adaptation to ensure that your running plan is sympathetic to any existing or recurrent injury problems. Our progressive running plans are designed to help you return from injury, as well guide you through training when niggling injuries may be hindering your progress.

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Online Running Coach

Looking to take your running training to the next level and finally reach those running goals? Our running coach will design an online running programme that is tailored to your needs – whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced, competitive athlete.

React’s running coach has the knowledge and expertise to help maximise your running potential, whether you are:

  • Training for a running event
  • Wanting to get into running for the first time
  • Preparing for competition
  • Looking to improve running performance
  • Looking to return to running after injury or have a persistent injury that prevents you from progressing your running
  • In need of guidance on how to progress running safely or
  • Frustrated with your existing programme and wanting to add variety to your training

    What’s on offer?

    React Physiotherapy’s online running coaching consists of:

    • Private online coaching conveniently delivered by a specialised online app
    • Initial consultation via Zoom – to get to know you, your goals, running strengths and weaknesses, training & injury history
    • Bespoke running programme that evolves over time and is updated and reviewed every 2 weeks
    • Weekly monitoring
    • Fortnightly catch up / communication to discuss progress & goals via Zoom
    • Varied programme to enhance running stimulus & enjoyment
      Access to resources including exercises, warm-up routines & injury risk advice
    • Access to our private running group on social media for support & advice
    • Access to a specialist coach with a wealth of knowledge of running performance and injury prevention

    Online Running Packages – Pricing

    Online running packages including all of the above are charged at £55 per month.

    Discounts are available for signing up for 6 or 12 month programmes.

    We also offer generic ‘off the shelf’ running plans, to find out more about these generic running plans click here.

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    Convenient & motivating

    Wherever you are in the world you can benefit from the expertise of our running coach who will get to know you and understand where you want to get to with your running journey. The main benefit of investing in an online running coach is that wherever you are located and whatever your personal running ability, you can tap into the expertise of our experienced running coach. Our running plans are flexible and can fit around your lifestyle and commitments.

    React’s running coach is committed to supporting and motivating you, enabling you to make measurable progress with your running.

    Connectable & adaptable

    If you are a keen or experienced runner, you are likely to be using a running tracking device – Strava, Garmin, Polar – are some of the most popular. Conveniently, the data from your device can be imported directly to our running app, enabling our running coach to have immediate access to the progress being made and to adjust your training plan accordingly.

    Your training plan will evolve over time, depending on how you feel when completing it. Together we will optimise the enjoyment and satisfaction that you get out of running, which in turn will mean you will be more likely to achieve your goals.

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